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Thank you to

of Albert Lea, MN


of St. Cloud, MN

to KAALTV in Austin, MN

and to Ashley Kuebelbeck and my friends at Fridays in St. Cloud, MN

Starting on July 31, 2002, 2:07:40 PM

Minnesota is quite a nice state. I spent a large portion of my day trying to find some tires for my bike. I figured that it was past due and I didn't feel comfortable riding on the old ones any more. And we all know its all about "MY" comfort, now don't we? Anyway, after stopping in at a local TV station in Austin, MN, and doing a quick interview, they pointed me in the direction to the nearest bike shop, which pointed me in the direction of the nearest bike shop that had my tires. The people at Northstar Power Sports were very helpful and took real good care of me. I got my tires changed out all right there, that day. Thank you guys for a great job. "Hmm, my bike don't wobble no more!" Fantastic!

I apologize now for the somewhat redundant images below but I am a sucker for a good sunset. 

The sun beams were amazing and I could not capture the whole effect. Never having seen this before, the beams went all the way from one end of the sky and all the way across into the eastern sky. I wish I could have been able to show that. I must have looked stupid riding down the road with my head going every which way. Its like, "Hasn't this guy ever seen the sky before?" 

The scattered clouds made for a really beautiful sunset that I had to stop and watch through its entirety. 

As usual the sunset looked even more impressive after the sun had gone beyond the horizon. That's when the clouds start to change their colors even more dramatically. Like the way the tops were a bright glow and the bottoms began to turn a pink glow.


Then, I left and before I knew what was going on the clouds turned a shade of blue that I had never seen before. They usually just turn into shades of gray but these were striking with the different hues of blue. Even later, when it was almost dark I caught some different effects with the shutter open.


Having ridden through a large portion of the night I stopped at a county park, by a lake. I hopped up on a picnic table and took a few naps. That's when I noticed that, perhaps, Minnesota mosquitoes might just like the taste of Danny. I bundled up a little more and just left my helmet on for a few more winks. After I awoke, still before sunrise, I stripped down and put my swimming trunks on for a quick dip in the lake. Ahh, the mosquitoes weren't going in there. I got out, dried off, and put my clothes on and that's when I think I might have discovered something. After I got my clothes all on I sprayed my cologne on. The mosquitoes stopped biting me. Oh, they were still there but they just didn't seem to want me any more.

So men, be aware that American Crew Cologne keeps mosquitoes away. 

But also keep in mind, Danny doesn't have a girlfriend either. I think I need to change my brand of cologne.

The sunrise was showing some promise until some storm clouds blew in and covered it up again. I quickly headed down the road and made it in to St. Cloud, MN just as the storm clouds were passing and vanished into the horizon.


Here at yet another Kinko's, I'm updating my web site and heading to get something to eat. Thank you Kinko's for printing up my hand-outs. Great job.

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