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Wow, I blew right through Iowa and have nobody to thank for anything. Hey, thanks to Iowa for being there, I guess.

Starting on July 31, 2002, 6:31:00 AM

Wow, I got these pictures of one of the most impressive sun rises I have ever seen. Of course I normally wouldn't get up this early to even see the sunrises so I had no clue that they even existed. (Just kidding) Just past the Mississippi river I stopped at a rest area to get some rest. I know, a crazy concept.

Later I moved on up north and took quite a few pictures of the landscape. Now I can see where we get all our food from. One part of  me really wanted to stop and pick some corn while the other part of me wanted go trample it down and make some crop circles.


Always fascinated by the sky I have to take a picture or two of the clouds. After I get done with my trip I plan to compile my whole journey into an interactive CD Rom. Many of these images could possibly make for good desktop backgrounds and screensavers.


I caught this group of locals just hanging around taking a break. After they saw me they al got back to work and resumed their eating and grazing. 


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