Wisconsin , Illinois

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Thank you to Bryan Carlson, Duane Carlson, Denise Carlson, & Sally Carlson of 
in Marinette. WI

Starting on July 29, 2002, 6:45:12 PM

I have no regrets about the egrets. 


I did find out where Wisconsin gets all that cheese. Cheese machines.
They got all these small cheese factories scattered around grazing in he fields. They definitely gave off a distinctive odor.

Gee, with all these pictures I'm sharing with you all, I sure wish I could also share some of the wonderful smells.


So, do you realize how difficult it is to take a picture of yourself on a bike? I anticipate getting another shot of me like this one but instead possibly with a police officer behind me with his lights on.


Here's a picture of a couple of wind generators on a hill. Very much like the ones I have seen in southern California, these things are quite large.


And just a little more scenery here.


Once I got to Illinois I didn't take vary many pictures at all. It got dark and before I knew it, I was in Iowa.

I did, however get some pictures of he moon before I crossed the Mississippi into Iowa. As the night began to get humid I noticed this strange glow around the moon. Much like a rainbow around this sun, this glow also carried a range of colors, only much less intense. I tried to capture it as best I could but this was the best I came up with.

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