Montana (Lost Prairie)   

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Thank you to Skydive Lost Prairie and Fred Sand

A special thanks to my good friend Rob Lowe
(It was great to get to jump with you again my friend. Thanks for everything)

 Thank you Ty Losey, Margaret Vermeulen, and the pilot Rob Brist
(You guys are great. Well, except for Margaret, who isn't really a guy. But still just as great.)

Starting on August 20, 2002, 2:24:02 PM

Well, I'm finally here!
 I finally made it to Skydive Lost Prairie,

where all my friends are suppose to be.

Uhm, hello?!?


Hey, where is everybody?


Hey, wasn't there suppose to be a big party here?



Okay, so I'm actually a month late for the big Lost Prairie Boogie, but at least I made it. Unfortunately most of my friends have all gone back home to Virginia.

I did, however, find my good friend Rob Lowe, whom I haven't seen in a while. We were able to make a few jumps and got to spend some time together. 

Here's some shots of one of our jumps together that we pulled off of Rob's video. I do have to apologize that I hosed Margaret on the exit, I can be an idiot from time to time. That's her in the door, wondering what I was doing. So was I.

Rob was hanging off of the strut as we all jumped out, one right after the other. That's Ty on the left as he came in to dock with myself and Rob. Margaret was struggling to catch up with us and my fast (fat) fall rate. She was almost there when Ty grabbed the slot where she was headed so she tried the other side when we all had to break off. Sorry Margaret.


An avid skydiver and videographer, Rob spends much of his time shooting and editing videos for first time jumpers, new students, and an occasional promo video here and there. As an artist and a visionary, he has become quite skilled in the creation and production of his videos.

Rob had taught me quite a bit about skydiving when I first started and has since given me lots of insight and inspiration with his wonderful and unique way of looking at life, people and the world around us. With a strong inner spirit and a positive outward energy, Rob has always been and always will be one of my closest friends.

I got the wonderful opportunity to get to stay in Rob's authentic Indian teepee. Those people sure knew what they were doing. These things make amazingly comfortable dwellings.


A pile of kittens. The local cat, DZ, had this little litter. Which, by the way, for all you non-skydivers, "DZ" stands for "Drop Zone".

I saw a mime there too. He was quite talented. Without even saying a word I could tell that he was pretending to be a cow.

Off in the distance, on the far side of the prairie, yet another thunderstorm threatens me.

Several more storms skipped across the area, distinguishing our jumping endeavors for the rest of the day. Then a brief glimpse of a sunset across the horizon brought down the end of another day.


Right down the road from the drop zone is lake McGregor. Extremely clean water and actually quite cold but we did go for a quick swim. 

Camp Lowe up on the hill from the DZ looks pretty cool.

Then the bar/restaurant that is usually open during the weekends and special events.

Well I made a few skydives, ridiculed a few cows, got attacked by massive amounts of grasshoppers, stayed in a teepee, took lots of pictures, swam in an ice-cold lake, ate some wonderful food, and spent time with some wonderful people that I will surely miss. But now its time to go.

So its off to Glacier National Park I go.

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