Montana (Glacier National Park)

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Starting on August 22, 2002, 4:26:22 PM

Well, here's a bunch of shots from Glacier National Park in Northern Montana. A place that you just have to see to believe. With incredible views and sheer drop offs from the road its quite a spectacle.

Here are some shots of Lake McDonald on the west side of the park. The rivers and waters in the park are almost unreal. Now I've seen some real clear water before but this is amazing. All along these rivers you can see all the way to the bottom and some of them must have been more than 20 feet deep in places. 


Much like Yellowstone, I found myself wanting to stop and take pictures around every corner. So I just about did.


The "Going-to-the-Sun" road across the center of the park was pretty neat with lots of turnouts to stop at. Of course on a motorcycle just about everywhere can be a turnout.


Some more shots of the mountains from below and another creek with the amazingly clear water.

Then its up the mountains to the Logan Pass. This must have been an interesting road to build.  


With the sheer drop-offs and incredible views, this is quite a landscape to witness.

I was able to look up on the rocks above and found two mountain goats climbing around. Its amazing to me that these rigid-looking creatures can climb like they do.


Across a meadow a mother and baby graze as they walk across.


Then I stopped at a parking lot where a bunch of people were watching this one as it climbed around some rocks, across a small waterfall and then back down to the parking lot and made its way through all the people. It stopped here to enjoy the poisonous remains of some anti-freeze. There really wasn't enough there on the ground to have made the goat sick but people need to be aware of the consequences of what they leave behind. Many animals enjoy the sweet taste of anti-freeze but it can make them very sick and even be deadly.


At the top of the Logan pass was some amazing scenery. I didn't get to see any grizzly bears but I did get some shots of this little ground squirrel as he darted around the ground foraging for food.


Some of the flowers that were growing up there were very pretty. And yes, the elusive guy with the purple paint had been up here as well, painting all the daisies. 

So its back down the east side of the pass and more scenery.

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