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Thanks to Sabrina and the rest of the NTV news team of St. John's, NF
Thanks for the support.

Thursday, July 18, 2002, 1:00:00 PM

I had made a couple of phone calls to the local television station "NTV" just in the slight chance that they would do an interview of me. To hopefully share my web site to a wider audience. They said that they'd call me back so I waited around for a while and decided that it was time to go. It was a long shot anyway. But as I always tell myself, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." So I packed up all my things and headed off to get back on the highway. 

I somehow made a wrong turn and headed up a road that I was not familiar with. I had figured that it must lead somewhere so being the adventurous sort that I am, I kept gong for a while. Just about the time I decided to turn around and head back I passed the NTV facility. "What the heck?" I said to my self. I pulled in, grabbed one of my brochures from my bag and went inside. The receptionist took the brochure and went to the back. A few minutes later she returned with Sabrina. An extremely attractive reporter with a beautiful smile. She took me in the back to the studio and we talked for a bit. We went outside in the parking lot where she grabbed a camera and did the interview there beside the motorcycle. A few questions here and there, and a few shots of me on the bike. We talked for a while inside and exchanged some information. I had a great time and wanted to stay. They got lots of neat toys in that place. Not to mention the lovely and talented Sabrina.

We said our goodbyes, she wished me luck, and I headed back on the road. I, unfortunately wouldn't get to see the spot on the news or if they even aired the interview. I mean, after all, the Fredericksburg paper stuck me at the bottom of the page under some story about "The Full Monty" with a huge picture of a bunch of guys taking their clothes off. Thanks a lot.

   Anyway, I had a great time at NTV, 
thanks Sabrina.


 So I left St. John's and its back across the island for another view. Riding back across I went at a different time so some of the sights that I rode through at night I got to see this time.


From some of the mountains that were fogged in at the time to the mountains that were shadowed in the darkness of night. The view looked very similar but still very different. I didn't stop too much for the desire to push on. I was so tempted to go exploring more and see more of this wonderful island. But there's such a big country out there and if I don't keep moving I'm never going to get finished at this rate.


"Boy what a night that was."

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  Along the way I passed a guy on a bicycle. I pulled over to get some shots of the view which allowed him to catch up with me. Brian was very nice young man from Edmonton, Canada and was riding across Newfoundland on bicycle, and apparently making pretty good time from what I could tell. We talked for a bit and exchanged information and he went on. I resumed myself and honked and waved as I passed him for a final time.


This is a view of Corner Brook. In the background of the town I could see snow on the tops of the mountains.


Now for a little harsh reality. Now in the course of my trip I do plan to show more shots like these next ones. This was a very large area that had been cleared away. For what reason I do not know. But all I know is it didn't look pretty. It didn't look like the rest of the country side. It just didn't look right. 

Again, I present these to you to raise the awareness that no place is sacred. Now I must emphasize that I am all for change and growth for a better way of life. And I'm all for modern conveniences. But unfortunately that all often comes with a very high price tag. I would like to say that I have solutions for the problem but the fact of the matter is, we ARE the problem. Only we can made a difference, and make a change. I urge you to look into the many different organizations around the world that are aimed at the preservation and conservation of our wildlife and natural resources.


I, myself, am still financially under the mark on this trip and its costing me quite a bit. Not working and still having my normal bills will definitely cost me. I am aware that this trip was my own choice and that it is my dream to travel in this manner. But if you enjoy the pictures and what I am doing then please help me out. I would really like to hand the Nature Conservancy a big fat check when I get finished.


Now for some pleasantries. 


So, as I stated before. At the beginning of my drive across Newfoundland, not far from Port aux Basques I saw a small house all lit up with Christmas lights. Standing out in front of this place was some guy waving at all the cars as they passed. I had regretted not stopping to talk to this gentleman. Well, this time I stopped, and yes, I talked to Mr. Joe Gale. Joe is a shrimp fisherman during most of the year and stays here in his little house for about a month in the summers where he meets lots of people. He has these dummies sitting around out in front of the place. Quite an interesting guy I came inside and signed his wall. One signature among the hundreds already up there. People from all over. I felt a little honored to be one of them. The cars started hustling by which indicated that the ferry had arrived down the road. I said goodbye to this friendly eccentric and headed off to catch the ferry.



Well, my time in Newfoundland had finally come to an end. I saw so many fascinating things and met so many wonderful people but still didn't even get to see a fraction of what this mysterious place has to offer. Before my arrival I had so many misconceptions about this land. Looking at the map, it always looked so small but it is so much more than it seemed with so many things to explore. If you don't believe me then take a drive all the way across. Then, if you're still not convinced, do it again. 

I had always expected it to be so backwards, uncivilized, and so very cold and almost lifeless. But I learned so much more. This place is teaming with life, it is very modern and the people are truly wonderful. I do plan to come back to this place again. To explore more, to see and do more, and yes, to visit once again with all my new friends.

I take the ferry back to Nova Scotia.

Goodbye Newfoundland

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