New Brunswick (2)

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Starting on July 20, 2002, 3:50:48 PM

I didn't get any pictures on the way back through Nova Scotia. The weather was quite interesting. It rained on me all the way back through. I stopped a few times and found some shelter at a small middle school. I pulled the bike in under a large covered entryway and waited. The clouds kept coming, the rain kept falling and I got the idea that it might not stop for days. Not quite familiar with Nova Scotia I thought to myself that it may be like this quite a bit and I'd be waiting for a very long time. I secured everything on the bike, and since I was already drenched I decided to plug on and hopefully, eventually get out from under the rain and find the sunshine once again. 

I made it into New Brunswick and just like a wall, the temperature changed and it began to get warmer. The cloud coverage followed me for a few more hours and the sun finally came back out.

I pulled off the road to take a break and found a little trail into the woods. I found these clusters of tiny little mushrooms. Pink ones and the reds ones were really interesting.

A little further and I saw this dragonfly. I had never seen a red dragonfly before. Then I found a few patches of tasty wild blueberries. Don't worry, I didn't eat any of the mushrooms.


Now its back to the States and into Maine again.

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