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Thanks to Deb & Dave Wilson at the Pleasant River Motel in West Bethel, ME
and Scott & Cheryl Bogart of Gilead, ME
Truly wonderful people

PEOPLE!!! You are not going to believe what happened. Please read below.

Starting on July 21, 2002, 8:35:58 AM

*The dates that you see on these pages are taken directly from the image files on the computer. It helps me keep a perspective on where and WHEN I am.

Back into Maine. I drove for a while and stopped at a rest area to get a few naps in. The scenery here is a little different than that over along the coast. There's not as many clearings here and its sometimes difficult to see the landscape.

For a moment I thought that I'd REALLY gotten lost when I saw this sign. But then I was just in Mexico, Maine.


I think that the population of Mexico and Rumford are probably al employed at the local Mead, paper mill, seated right in the middle of both communities. Quite an eyesore it was, nestled in between the beautiful hills and landscape.

The Rumford Falls on the Androwscoggin River, below is suppose to be the highest falls east of the Niagara with a total vertical drop of 176 feet. However, I don't see that happening since there was no water flowing through it. A system of dams and canals were built back in the 1890's to generate electricity. At one time the area was a popular camping spot for the Anasagunticook Indian tribe. They fished her for salmon which, due to the dams, no longer thrive.


However, the landscape, when visible, is indeed beautiful. Laced here and there with farmland the view can sometimes be quite impressive.


NOW!! This is unbelievable!!!

While driving through Maine I got off the main freeway, I-95, for a more scenic drive down highway 2. After some time I stopped at a little diner on the side of the road in Bethel. I updated my pages on my laptop while I ate lunch and was contemplating asking for a phone line to connect to the internet to upload them to my web site. The place was quite busy so I refrained, paid for my food and left. A little ways down the road I found a small motel that I stopped at and asked if I could use a room just for about an hour to shower, clean up, and upload to my web site. They obliged so I went to the room to do so.

After I came out and went back to the office to drop off the key I talked to the manager and showed him my brochure. He went to the other room and proceeded to bring out and show me a brochure that a girl had just dropped off while I was in the shower. She was walking across the country to raise awareness for Epilepsy. Please check out the following link to find out more about her fantastic story.

Her Story

Now for the amazing part. Her name is Karla Brown and we went to school together in the small town of Scio, Oregon. Shortly after high school I moved off to Texas and she moved off to Kansas. We had not seen each other in over 20 years. I had heard rumors that she was doing some walk across the country so when the gentleman presented the information that she had left I knew right away who it was. I quickly grabbed my things and threw them on the bike and headed down there road. About three miles down the road I found her, walking to the next town. I stopped and talked to her. We were both in awe, stunned, and amazed. We talked for a bit and she went on to the next town to get her things. The motel manger had offered a room to stay the night so she was going to head back and stay. 

I came back to the motel to wait for her and told the manager that I had found her and she was headed back. He gave us both rooms to stay the night. She had been offered dinner with some new friends down the road so after we got cleaned up a bit we headed down there. They took us all around the area to show us some neat sights and we went back to their house for some awesome ribs. 

What a truly amazing world this is. To think of all the odds that we never would have crossed each others' path.

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