New Hampshire

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Thanks to my friends at Alpine Service in Gorham, NH
(Repairing all Motor Cycles, ATV's & Snowmobiles)

Starting on July 22, 2002, 10:05:16 AM

Well, I hope that my dear friend Karla is doing okay. I just got an email from her a little earlier. Sounds like she's doing great. I left her back in Gorham, NH. I'm sure that we'll catch up with one another again. I do plan on walking a good portion of the final part of her walk. I'll be posting more information about her journey on my web site as well.

New Hampshire went by pretty quick this second go around. Earlier in my trip I passed through the very southern portion of New Hampshire along the coast heading up to Maine. Before I knew it I was in Maine. This time seemed even shorter as the northern portion of New Hampshire is pretty small. I was in Vermont before I knew it. I had to actually stop and look at my map to make sure there wasn't a mistake.

In any case, New Hampshire is a great place. Very beautiful scenery. 

A few more pictures of Karla before I dumped her off and left her stranded in Gorham. Just kidding. Boy that girl has got some attitude and spunk. Certainly an inspiration to us all. I thought I was tough by taking this trip. She's been walking on her journey for a year and a half and is only about half way done. It made me feel like a wimp, riding on my motorcycle like a big sissy. The next image shows a map that she carries with her that displays her trip. She had first planned to just walk from Seattle, WA to Washington DC. When she got close to DC she decided that her trip wasn't finished yet and decided to take a detour up north, back across to the west and down south to Florida and then back up to DC. Here she is at the state line of New Hampshire, and in front of the stone fish.


Some shots here of the reflection lake which wasn't actually reflecting much because of a little wind.


Gee, I don't know how this next picture got in here. But it does show how nice some excavators are. It will really create a nice view when they get rid of all those annoying trees.


Now I must point out that I am not trying to discourage progress and save all trees, and I'm not wanting to put an end to all logging or developing. I certainly don't want to see people lose their jobs or be without work, like me.

 I say this because I was approached by a slightly angry old guy in Gorham, NH. He asked what I was doing so I told him that I was trying to raise money and awareness for the Nature Conservancy. Well he got all kinds of bent out of shape because, as it turns out, he works for a local paper pulp company. Now certainly I'm not trying to cause people like that to lose their jobs or cut out a\ whole industry such as that. Come on people, use your heads a little better than that. We just need to be a little more conscious about what we do and how it affects our environment and all that benefit from it. I don't see anything wrong with logging when the area is reused and replanted. 


This next picture is of Lancaster, NH. For some reason I really liked that little town. A very clean town with a very warm and cozy atmosphere.


Then, with just a blink of an eye, I crossed a bridge, and I was in Vermont!

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