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Thanks to my friends at Fridays of South Burlington, VT.

And thanks to Jill & Michael Diemer / Town & Country Motel in Burlington, VT

Starting on July 22, 2002, 5:53:48 PM

The landscape in Vermont was quite nice. Lots of farm land and yes, there were quite a few dairy farms which I could tell by the obvious smells. Large farms dotted the beautiful, rolling hillsides. An occasional state park here and there with a lake or a river seemed to be popular swimming holes. Temped to stop and jump in myself I reluctantly rolled on by.


Hmm, again, below, with the destruction of wooded areas. I do apologize for some of these as I really don't hav any clue as to what hey may be building on these spots. However, all I seem to see is shopping malls, gas stations, convenience stores and fast food establishments. Now don't get me wrong. I love all those places myself. But do we really need one on every block or every few miles?

Montpelier, VT seemed like a really nice town but I was quite discouraged by the fact that I couldn't update my web site at the local library. They just didn't have the write cables and connections. I tried to explain to the librarian there that I knew a little about computers and could use what they had there but, for lack of understanding, she still wouldn't let me. I do hope to take advantage of the public libraries across the country, eventually


So it was down the road and on up to Burlington, VT to try to get connected at the Kinko's there.

I arrived in Burlington and started looking around. I thought that I may try to find a motel to connect but when asking found that none had the ability to go on line due to their phone systems. I went into downtown to try the Kinko's and that wouldn't work either. I think some of the same misunderstanding from the employees about how I could use their setup and connect. They said that I couldn't hook up to their network for security reasons. Like they had some really top secret files that they were protecting.

I went on to get something to eat at a Friday's and after talking to the waitress about my trip, she talked to the manager and  they didn't charge me for the dinner. Don't worry, though, I did leave her a tip.

While there it began to rain outside so I went back out and covered up everything.

It kept raining after I left Friday's so I went and settled into a nearby motel that cut me a real good deal on a room.
The next day it rained through most of Vermont so I didn't get any pictures in fear of getting my camera wet. I was tempted though because of some of the scenery I got to witness. With the isolated showers all around I could sometimes get to the top of a hill and look out across valleys and hills with the various rain clouds trekking across the area. headed down highway 7 and then to 22A and then 4, I crossed into New York state and got on interstate 87.

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