Nova Scotia 

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Riding through the night is a great way to clear my mind. The problems seem to just drift away one by one with each passing mile. The sound of the bike, the roar of the wind, the long, long road that sometimes seems to go on forever. Unfortunately I fear that I may be missing some amazing views and scenery as I ride. But I seem to cover quite a bit of territory since there's so little traffic and the wind usually dies down at night. Thousands of thoughts go rushing through my mind but, as do the miles, they all seem to get blown away, one by one, as I keep riding. 

I stop sometimes to look around, to take pictures, to think, to rest. This world is a truly incredible place. I wouldn't ask to be anywhere else. I mean think about it. If we were on another planet, like mars, for example. Boy, I wouldn't last a minute in that place.



As I stated in the previous pages. The next day would prove to be a totally gorgeous day from the very beginning. I pulled over and watched again as the sun came up and spread across the land.


Passing through Nova Scotia was a pleasurable experience, Beautiful landscapes, rolling hills, and clear waters, lakes and streams.


I made my way to Sydney and got in line to board the ferry to Newfoundland.

The ferry ride was great. I strapped and secured the bike down in the vehicle deck. I made my way upstairs where I was surprised to see that the ferry was like a cruise liner. They had a small gift store, a big cafeteria, a bar/lounge area. They had a theater area with two big screens where people were watching Harry Potter, Shrek, and a few other movies. There were cabins and bunks and even showers, which I was in dire need and took advantage of. The trip across to Newfoundland as about 100 miles.

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