New Brunswick

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Starting on July 13, 2002, 6:33:44 PM

As I rolled into New Brunswick, Canada the climate seemed to change at that very moment. How they did that I don't know.


Like a knife cutting through me the temperature dropped dramatically. I could feel it down to my bones. Almost like an invisible wall, as soon as I crossed the border into Canada I found myself pulling over and getting some of my warm clothes out. I had prepared for this so I was ready. Shortly after crossing the border a fog rolled in and across the countryside. Visibility dropped as did my motivation to take more pictures.


Saint Johns, New Brunswick seemed like a very cold place at the time. With the clouds and fog the temperature was down in the 40's. 


The Reversing Falls below were quite interesting. While looking for a good place to eat I accidentally came across this park that overlooked the water. The "falls" as they called them didn't really seem like falls to me. The water was just quite swift and aggressive but didn't appear to be falling anywhere.



I found a nice place to eat near a shopping mall and watched outside as it got dark. 

I asked one of the servers if this weather was common for the area, which he replied, "Yes". 

    Now I was concerned about the rest of my Northeastern journey. Was it all going to be cloudy and dreary like this? Was I going to see the sun at all during my visit? These questions would be answered, much to my appreciation and satisfaction, the very next morning. 

I rode on into the night.

On to Nova Scotia.

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