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Thank you Sonny Remington of Winston Salem, NC

July 12, 2002, 4:55:46 AM

I headed up the coast to Maine I got this shot early in the morning. I also got some awesome video of the fog drifting across the river here. Some of the fog drifted to the left and some fog was drifting to the right. For a moment they came together and created a plume that went up into the air. Unfortunately that happened before I got the video camera out. It was a little difficult to get some of the pictures here because I stopped on a bridge to get them. With all the trucks and cars going by the bridge kept shaking so some of the shots were a little blurred. So I just took more. Don't worry, there had been some road construction there so there was plenty of room and I was hiding behind one of those orange barrel barriers and a sign. I did anticipate a police officer stopping and giving me some grief but never saw one. Besides, I think I could have talked them out of a ticket by just pointing to the sunrise.


I do plan on putting all of my videos, images and music together from my trip and you will be able to obtain copies when I get them all finished. 

On up a little further I came into Portland, Maine. Highway 1 goes around the city and right through a nice park along the water with a great view of the city. I always notice people looking at me as I take some of these pictures. I think that it must be quite interesting to see a guy, with a motorcycle, on the side of the road, taking pictures of flowers.



On a little further I got a little tired so I pulled into a little park to get some rest. 

I was watching a little ground hog that seemed to be afraid of his own shadow. I did get some video of him until some guys came down to put their canoe in the river. The groundhog kept ducking down into a little drainages pipe so I figured I'd go and check it out for myself. But he apparently didn't like his new friend too much. I mean, its not like I was some plastic explosive or something. (remember Caddyshack?)

The flower was out in the woods beside the park. There was a few of them here and there scattered through the woods.

Wow, the scenery in Maine is incredibly beautiful. With all the little waterways and rivers there's just so much to see. Around every corner there was something else. Now I will have to say that the rest of the states must be just as attractive but there was lots of little clearings there in Maine so I think I could see more. Of course sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. So little clearings here and there make it a little easier. Its really nice of them to set up the landscape that way.


I stopped at a little roadside park and took a nap. I talked to a nice elderly couple who were gracious enough to offer me some of their lunch that they were having. I was very appreciative but wasn't hungry at the time so I declined.

I then stopped along the side of the road at a Lobster place. Or a "Lobster Pound" as they called it. (So would that be where they take stray lobsters that wander into town without a tag?) Anyway, you could buy fresh lobsters there or eat them right at the restaurant. The cute little bunny rabbits were living under the building. The whole place smelled just awful. I couldn't believe that there was a restaurant there and people were actually eating with that stench in the air. I had to use the restroom which was actually a pleasant change when that foul odor covered up the smell of the dead fish.


Acadia National Park was awesome. Nice scenic drives all around the island. Beautiful views from the Cadillac Mountain where I hung out for a while. The drive was great on motorcycle. I was tempted to take off all my gear and tear it up but the speed limit was only 35 throughout the park sop I refrained.


On toip of the mountain I met a could of really nice people from Massachusetts. We talked for a bit and I took their picture for them. It seems that the further I go the more people look at my license plate and feel the urge to talk to me. They all seem to be fascinated by my quest and vow to follow my adventure on line. Yeah, like you're doing right now. 

The seagull was up there on the side of the mountain. I was driving back down when I noticed that my friends were stopped on the side of the road. Pulling up behind them I then noticed the seagull so I quickly stopped so as not to startle the bird. They were directly beside it when I noticed that the bird was standing his ground, reluctant to move for any reason. The wind was quite gusty and I could see him swaying from side to side trying to maintain balance. We both pulled up to get a closer look and he still did not deter from his stance. I got this shot with the bay in the background.

I came down the mountain and drove around for a little while getting more shots and when I noticed that the sun was starting to make its decent I decided to go back up and try to get some shots of the sunset. I also wanted to address those awesome windy corners again and try to get some video of me hitting the corners. I think I got some cool shots by leaving the camera stationed on the side of the road on a rock and taking off around the corners and coming back again.

I then pulled off to the side of the road and waited. I watched as it sank lower and lower towards the horizon. Until it finally dropped, as if it finally give up and carved its way through the clouds and vanished below the horizon. 

I sat there on my mountain, enjoying the sunset and taking picture after picture and shooting more video than is necessary. When up came a guy on a Yamaha V-Max. I think that awesome bike intimidated mine as it rumbled up beside. He got off and introduced himself to me and began to take a few pictures as well. We talked for a bit and exchanged a few stories. He invited me to his RV down in a nearby park. At first I declined. Worrying about my plans to reach Wyoming and Montana by a certain date I wanted to get back on the road. After all, I had already spent so much time with my friends in New Jersey and then in New York. After I few moments I changed my mind. This gentleman seemed very interesting and I was enjoying his company. We arrived at his RV and he went in to clear things with his girlfriend. She was fine with the new visitor and I apologized for the intrusion. I jokingly asked her if he made it a habit in bringing home strays. 

We talked for a few hours and played his guitar and sang for a while and had a great time. We exchanged information and I left around midnight and headed off into the night.

The next morning I headed out up the coast again. And again, more beautiful scenery from Maine. This place reminded me very much of Oregon where I had spent quite a bit of my younger years.

Clearing after clearing I just had to sop and get more pictures. But then I noticed that, no matter how striking and unique each one seemed to me, they all were very similar. Much like sampling the perfume or cologne bottles in the department stores. After a while your senses get saturated and you don't know what any of them smell like. They all blend together at that point. So I decided to give it a rest and keep going. I mean, I can't spend all my life out here. Or can I?


While headed up the coast in Maine I followed highway 1 which winds up and around along the coastline and through all the quaint coastal towns. Now these towns are quite interesting with all the small town charm and all but eventually they started getting old and each one began to look just like the next. They, with all their little shops and attractions just began to slow me down and I found myself sitting in traffic through each one as tourists had to pull over and go shopping in each little village.

    So, on up the road towards Canada. Just before I got to the border I found myself watching the clouds. I saw storm clouds to the left of me and then some to the right. I kept following along, watching and calculating which way the road was going to take me and then which way the clouds were moving. I began to look out for coverings. Small buildings on the sides of the road. An abandoned gas station would have done nicely. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of a little bit of water myself, and the bike is definitely built for it. But with all my electronic equipment and my travel guitar, I had to stay on top of the elements. I came through one town and the highway was all wet from a previous rain that I had just missed. I then noticed a rest area with covered picnic tables. I pulled off and into the park. I pulled the bike off of the road and beside the table in under the shelter. An elderly man pulled in with me and we started a conversation. He lived in New Brunswick and ran a tour company and proceeded to tell me all about New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. He was a considerable amount of help but I found myself saturated with information that  knew I would not retain. The rain had only made a few sprinkle drops so I decided that I had to get on my way. I thanked him for his wonderful conversation and warm thoughts and headed on my way.

As I left Maine and all my new friends I looked back a few times and took some pictures as the sunset was trying to show itself through the clouds. It never did but it was still an awesome sight.

On to New Brunswick, Canada.  

You can see more of Maine on my return visit by clicking here

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