Oregon (Multnoma Falls 1)

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I had made a trip to Oregon back in August of 2001 and did a little bit of exploring and took tons of pictures. I'm sharing just a small fraction on these pages here. I have much larger, high quality versions of the original images so please email me for a larger version and I would be glad to send you one.

My trip started in Portland and I took a drive east on Interstate 84 down the Columbia River Gorge to the Multnoma falls area where I went hiking up and around the falls and then a visit to the Bonneville Dam and a fish hatchery there.

This next image is of downtown Portland and then a shot of the Gorge. Being that it was the Pacific Northwest I had assumed that the weather was going to be overcast throughout the day, much like the images below.

On to the great Multnoma Falls. This main fall can be seen from right off of the freeway and even across the river from Washington state. An awesome sight there is a cool walking bridge that takes you to a trail that you can walk all the way to the top of the falls and around the ridge to see many of the other waterfalls around the area.

Even though there were lots of people there at the visitor center I still got to see this blue herring below that was standing right in the river. The next two shots are looking down into the lower falls from the walking bridge.

Here's a nice shot at the foot of the upper falls just before they drop to the lower falls. Then I took the long trail up and around to the top of the upper falls.

From up at the top the view was quite impressive. You could see for miles and also across the river to Washington state. There were several pigeons there at the edge of the waterfall, just sitting there enjoying the view.

With my zoom I could catch these shots of the people down at the bottom of he falls at the visitor center looking up. Also I could see this wind surfer out in the Columbia River. That must be fun, surfing the water with a big kite. A friend of mine had a few of those big elliptical kites and I could see how it could drag a person around the water like that.

I took the trail on up the ridge and through some beautiful scenery and woods.

I had walked beyond the falls and almost thought about turning back but was compelled to walk further. I was so glad that I did because then I got some shots of some of the other falls on up the hill. Some of the ones that most people don't see.

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