Oregon (Multnoma Falls 2)

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These huge slugs live up there in the woods in Oregon. Some of them I have seen up to 8" long or better. This one here immediately ducked away when I went to touch it. Then it reached back out and touched me. Not only touching me it started sucking on my finger. A very creepy feeling, it still fascinated me that it must have been enjoying the salt from my skin. I also never thought that they would have such a rough tongue, or whatever that thing was. In any case it felt weird.

Although I didn't get to see very much wildlife up there I did take the time to look down and enjoy some of the smaller creatures of the woods. Like this small spider and its web. The picture just doesn't do it justice as the sunlight sparkled off of the web.

A little further I found the next waterfall. Quite a breathtaking view this one wasn't very tall but definitely was a surreal moment. The water had carved this hole in the rock above and I could see all the way through the water of the pool. With all the volcanic rock formations around this area it creates some incredible sights as the water makes its way down the hill through whatever path it can find. On further even to another fall with even more to come. I would have to do a little more research the find out the actual names of some of these falls. They didn't have too many signs up and around the trails and I didn't get any maps at the visitor center.

Some of the vegetation and plants up and around the trail didn't even look real and made me feel like I was on some alien landscape.

On up the hill, close to the top of the ridge I ran across a few clearings where I was able to get some shots of the river below and Washington state in the background on the other side. Then these interesting little flowers poked their heads out.

In some of the wooded areas the trees were really neat. They almost looked like they had been planted that way. Although they were all randomly placed, they still looked somewhat organized. Of course this place made me feel like I wanted to take one of those Star Wars' speeders through the trees.

I found some interesting fungi all around up in the woods. like this one here that was actually leaking. I thought it was water and was feeling a little thirsty so I tasted some. Hmm, it didn't taste very good but shortly after that was when I saw the ferries and leprechauns. Just kidding, but the water did taste odd. ha ha.

Along one of the many streams, I found lots of attractive plants like these monkey flowers below.


I caught a few shots of the centipede as it dashed back into the safety of the dried leaves and foliage of the forest floor. I wanted to pick it up to try to get a better picture but it just creeped me out so I left it alone and went on my way.


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