Oregon (Multnoma Falls 3)

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Even further around the trail I take picture after picture of some of the streams and falls and sights along the hike.

Quite impressive sights with all the vast amounts of vegetation around the area, I couldn't help but take more pictures hoping that I could catch that perfect shot.

Occasionally looking up into the trees that climbed way above the forest into the sky that I wasn't able to see very often.

I found what I believe is called the fairy falls. A spectacular view of water falling across some of the rocks, these falls can only be seen by hiking at least six miles up into the hills. 

Some of these rocks looked like carefully placed bricks and made for a cool sight that looked like a beautiful fountain.

The moss all over some of the trees and rocks really brought out the green in the area. Everywhere you looked was green, almost to the point where I though my eyes would have to readjust when I found other colors.

The I would find the occasional flower or butterfly, like this painted lady, that made me realize that my eyes were just fine.

I even caught a few random shots, like this one, of some of the vegetation for some neat computer screen backgrounds.

To the other side of the ridge trail I found the gorge again and began my descent down the hill to the river.

I almost stepped on this little snake in the trail. This creature I actually did touch but only to assist it off of the trail when I heard some hikers coming up the hill from the opposite direction.

Back at the bottom I made the hike back to my vehicle and headed on down the highway to see even more falls along the gorge.

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