Oregon (Multnoma Falls 4)

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I went a little further east to go explore the Bonneville Dam just a little. Quite an amazing structure, this place is amazing. Here's a shot of the inside where all the generators were housed and serviced.

Over to the fish hatchery, not far from the dam, I got the opportunity to see some amazing things. 

The sturgeon below has always fascinated me because it hasn't changed its appearance or function for over 200 million years. Even after so many other species on the planet have died off, it still remains.

Then there's the rainbow trout here. Actually, much to my surprise, the image on the right has sold more prints than any other picture I have taken. Go figure.

I do like getting some close up images of some the plants and animals that I see. The closer, the better. However, most animals dash away before I can get close enough. Although others, like these ducks, tend to stay close when they have been exposed to people a little too much.

The Horsetail Falls here are just east of the main Multnoma falls as I head back west from my trip to the dam and fish hatchery.

I thought I'd catch a picture of this bumble bee that seemed to be staying upon this blackberry blossom. As I came in closer for the shot, trying not to scare off the bee, I noticed the reason it wasn't leaving the flower. A white goldenrod spider had captured the unsuspecting bee and was holing on to it. The white goldenrod spiders totally blend in with the blossoms and are hard to spot. 

Then there's the black berries. The Himalayan Blackberries are actually becoming quite a nuisance for the Pacific Northwest as they are taking over and are found everywhere. Not too bad for a hungry visitor though, I rather enjoy the fact that they are so plentyful.

A few more falls before I head off, this one was fascinating. The Latourell Falls, with all the bright green fungus growing along the rock formations made for an awesome contrast.

Then up to the top of the Crown Point lookout here you can see for miles down the Columbia River Gorge in either direction. Looking east in he first picture and west into the sunset the second.

Now its on to the Crescent Mountain trail and some awesome shots of the Cascade Mountains.

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