Oregon (Silver Falls)

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After my trip to Black Butte I made my way over to the Silver Falls State Park, one of my very favorite places.

The main South Fall, below is an incredible sight to behold. There's a nice paved trail that winds down around the cliffs and back behind the waterfall itself.

Okay, so I took quite a few pictures of it. I just couldn't help myself. 

So, with that in mind, remember me when you are thinking of those birthday and holiday gifts. A picture is worth a thousand words, and boy do I have plenty to say. So you can mix and match pictures from certain areas. A few waterfall pictures from different angles or several different waterfalls make for some very creative and interesting combinations for decorating.

Okay, that's just about enough of this waterfall. I also couldn't help myself for the fact that this waterfall is very close to the parking lot and doesn't take too much effort to get to. As a matter of fact, this is just about the only waterfall in the park that is accessible to handicapped people.

The trail takes you through some thick wooded areas and along the creek past all ten of the waterfalls in the area. Some of them a little more or less spectacular than others but each one quite special in its own way. I believe that there's actually four waterfalls there that the trail goes under and behind.

I couldn't help but stop at each and every fall and interesting sight to take more and more pictures. 

I almost feel guilty when I hear people upset at the fact that they ran out of film. With my digital camera and laptop I have an amazing amount of space to store images. I don't even think a thing about it and just keep shooting.

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