Oregon (Silver Falls 2)

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Overall, the trail is actually fairly simple and not to strenuous of a hike. Most of the trail is across level ground but yet still takes you all through the area. Yeah, there's a few spots where you have to climb quite a few steps but they are all paved and pretty safe. Quite unlike the trails I found in Australia in the Blue Mountains. Some of the trails that I explored over there seemed quite dangerous. One simple mistake and you're going over the edge.

It was really neat to see some of the big rocks like this one. Just sitting in the middle of the river it is a reminder of the power of the Earth. Cast out by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption, many huge boulders, like this one can be found all around the area.

On up to the North Falls the trail finally comes towards the far end. The northern end of the park is almost as beautiful as the south end. There's actually two falls that are not too far from the north parking lot. 

Back along the trail through the woods is the North Falls. I really enjoy this one the most. Its not quite as tall or large as the other falls but I just get a comfortable feeling when I'm there and am always compelled to stay there and relax. There's some energy there that is hard to explain. I don't know what it is but I am always drawn to it.

Of course I just had to get another picture of this little fall here. It really didn't look quite the same but in a previous picture I used this very same waterfall for a very popular "Graphical" image of mine. The "Liquid Apparition" is an image that I am quite proud of. You can browse through my "Graphicals" archives to find it. Or be patient and I will put a link here for it.

Looking back from the trail I could see one of the North Falls in the distance, through the trees.


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