South Dakota (Sturgis Bike Rally 2)

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Thank you to Fred & Ivy Gali of Spearfish, SD

Starting on August 06, 2002, 1:14:18 PM

Well, I decided to go back and get a second look at the bike rally and look around some more before I headed further west. 

I tell you, if you like bikes, this is definitely the place to be. Bikes everywhere. All shapes and sizes. Some of these customized and special models were quite impressive with just as impressive price tags. This first one here actually has a V-8 engine. Which is a much larger engine than most of our cars. "Why that much power?" I guess the answer is, "Why not?"

Some of these companies making these bikes must also be making the money as well because they all rolled into town with these huge, impressive trucks to haul them in.


Wanting to find a place to sit for a while I found this restaurant with a nice view of main street and all the mayhem that was going on below. No matter where you went there was a constant, almost deafening rumble in the atmosphere. 


On out of town to the east was the Full Throttle Saloon. A huge place with an outside stage in the back and all kinds of shops and attractions to entertain and keep you busy. This week there were different concerts every night. At this night Eddie Money was suppose to be playing but I didn't feel like sticking around for that. 

The sunset this day was turning out to be quite impressive. From the upstairs area of the place you could see the sunset and all the bikers coming from downtown Sturgis. Of course they weren't all coming to the Full Throttle Saloon. Many of them were heading out of town to various destinations. Lots of them were staying in campgrounds all around the black hills area. Some just finding small corners that they could pull their bikes off the road and pitch a tent while others stayed in their RV's and others in motels and resorts. In any case the whole area was saturated with people just here for this week.


Several times there was somebody in the pit testing out their bikes for the peel-out contests. Smoke pouring out into the air while their bike was pushing the limits of its capabilities.


The sun set further down for an even more impressive display of colors as you could still see the row of headlights coming up the highway.

On up the canyon to Deadwood here's a shot of a parking lot filled with hundreds of bikes.


I'm now off towards my Aunt's house in Hulett, Wyoming where I've heard is another bike rally there. 

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