South Dakota (Spearfish Canyon)

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A special thank you to The American West Restaurant in Belle Fourche, SD

American West Steakhouse & Grill, 1807 5th Ave., Belle Fourche, SD,
 605-723-0139 * 

If you're ever in the Black Hills area, not far from Rapid City and Sturgis, you must stop by the small town of Belle Fourche and say hi to my friends there. Great people and great food.

Starting on August 07, 2002, 10:51:48 AM

Just around the corner and not far from Sturgis is a popular ride along the Spearfish Canyon, just south of Spearfish, SD. Lots of bikers from Sturgis enjoy the ride around the area and this became quite obvious to me as I stayed at my uncle's house right on the canyon. Early in the morning it started and didn't stop till late in the night. The constant rumble from the big Harley Davidson motorcycles, echoed throughout the canyon. 


This pond here was right next to the road and a few hundred yards from my uncle's house. My uncle goes fishing here quite often when he isn't healing from his broken hip. Yep, he fell off of a ladder a while back and broke his hip. Getting some pins and plates in it he is now healing and getting along pretty good. Nope, he wasn't wearing a helmet. Not that it would have saved his hip anyway.

Not quite so annoyed by the photographer this time, I almost thought about smiling at the camera in this shot.


The walls of this canyon are quite impressive and change a little here and there as you drive through them. Some very spectacular sights around each corner. The amazing rock formations and the small Spearfish Creek show how this canyon has been carved out over time. Unfortunately there wasn't enough water to support some of the waterfalls along the drive.


As I drove through the canyon it was somewhat difficult to get a clear picture down the highway without getting a few bikes in the shot. But I figured, "What the heck." It was all part of the moment of being there and being a part of the rally that has been going for over 60 years.

Still on my way to Hulett, Wyoming where part of the rally is actually taking place, I will run into some very interesting moments and experiences. Please check back here as I sum up, in my words, more about the rally, the bikers, and the atmosphere of this enormous annual event.

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