Texas (Dallas)

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Thank you to all my friends in Dallas for all your help and support;
John Bogoslofski, Carole Marshall, Joe Gillum, and Bill Miller

And thank you to all the people with LTMCR group; (whatever that stands for)
Don Pledger from Rusk, TX, Dan Kessel from Alto, TX, Tim Turner from Lufkin, TX, Ronnie and Gail Rogers from Alto, TX, and Craig Morton from Nacogdoches, TX

And a special thanks to mom, Cora Gali, for being, for which I could be as well

Starting on Friday, October 25, 2002, 4:31:18 PM

Here's some shots of downtown Dallas. I apologize that there are not very many pictures of Texas. I didn't take very many because of the weather but I plan to add some links and pages to show some of this wonderful state from images I have previously taken over the years.

Please check back here later as I add more text and images.

Looking towards the southwest direction, from just north of the downtown area, this is a view of Reunion Tower. Like many larger cities, the top of this tower has a nice restaurant that turns around to give a whole view of downtown and the surrounding area. At night the ball on top is covered with bright lights and you can see it from miles around. At certain times throughout the night the lights blink in different sequences and give off an interesting light show.

Looking straight down from the high rise building I was in you can see a little farm house below. Complete with a tractor and a little dog house, this little place is sitting directly amongst a very bust part of the city. Now an amazingly valuable piece of property it just astounds me that these people continue to hold on to this and actually live there.

Looking to the south at the downtown area, the reunion tower would be just to the right of this first image here. ON a small drive through town you can see some of the other interesting buildings and structures around the downtown area.

Various statues and sculptures can be seen around the area showing a unique appreciation for art and culture. 

The various parks can be found all over Dallas. Like this on that runs along side Turtle Creek as it winds around through the Highland Park area.


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