Texas (Dallas at Night)

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Thank you to all my friends in Dallas for all your help and support;
John Bogoslofski, Carole Marshall, Joe Gillum, and Bill Miller

And thank you to all the people with LTMCR group; (whatever that stands for)
Don Pledger from Rusk, TX, Dan Kessel from Alto, TX, Tim Turner from Lufkin, TX, Ronnie and Gail Rogers from Alto, TX, and Craig Morton from Nacogdoches, TX

And a special thanks to mom, Cora Gali, for being, for which I could be as well

Starting on Saturday, October 26, 2002, 9:14:12 PM

I went down south to Rusk, Texas to visit with my mother and meet some new friends. On the way back I went through downtown Dallas and got some of these shots here.

The first one seen here was coming up from the south. You can just see downtown slightly to the left. Then another one a little closer. Then even closer. The big green building can be seen from just about anywhere. Even if it is obscured behind other buildings you can almost always see its reflection in the other buildings.

The West End Marketplace is pretty neat. In the early 1980's they had taken a bunch of the older warehouses and structures in the west end of town and renovated and converted them into shops, restaurants, museums and night clubs.

Here I captured a shot of the historic Pegasus that rotates atop a small tower in downtown area. This Dallas icon has been shining up there for as long as I can remember. Can anybody tell me its history?

Part of the West End here is the Dallas Alley. Under those arches you can go on either side to enter the clubs, restaurants, and other establishments. Through a door on the left you can go down to the end of the hall and take a right into the Alley Cat's dueling piano bar. The guys in there are amazing. They know just about every song there is to know.

By the way, I believe the image to the left to be quite impressive and surely an accident on my part. However the case may be, the full-size original should make a pretty neat print. 

(Hint hint, Danny needs money!!)

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