Utah (Salt Lake)  

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A very special thanks to the Honda Centerville Motor Sports on 585 W. 50 North, Bountiful, UT
Thanks Clint Price and Blake Hickman and the rest of the guys there. Great job. I really appreciate it.

Starting on August 16, 2002, 5:46:26 PM

My first Utah pictures here actually begin in Wyoming. The drive to the Great Salt Lake takes me through a series of slopes and long stretches of highway.


As I got closer to interstate 80 the sun began to set. I was a little disappointed for the fact that I couldn't get a clear shot of the sunset. I thought for sure that the canyon would open up at any minute and I'd be able to get a clear shot. But the canyon kept me isolated from the view all the way. I got a few shots but was disappointed with the fact that the colors just didn't come out any where near as brilliant as what I could actually see with my eyes.

The canyon walls themselves were pretty neat looking as the freeway made its way down the hill and into Salt Lake City..


Taking a break I stopped and updated my web site and waited for the sun to come up so I could see the lake.

What a weird place that was. Other than the seagulls and the tiny flies I couldn't see any other life. Just what kind of eco-system was this? Perhaps the birds ate the flies, and the flies ate the dead birds. Therefore creating a balance.

Actually I believe that the lake has some kind of shrimp living in it. Pretty odd looking, the lake has areas that look like ice but upon closer examination turned out to be just dried, crusty salt. 


I'm not sure how normal it was but it seemed like the level of the water might have been pretty low. I had to walk quite a ways out to get to the water. That could have been normal.


I had actually though about getting into the water myself until I smelled it. Which is why I think that there must be something living in the water because the whole area wreaked with the horrid stench of rotten fish.

I don't know why but somebody had left a chair sitting way out at the water's edge. I thought that it actually made for an interesting picture.


The flies were really strange. The closer I got to the water the more of them there were. I actually thought it was my imagination at first when I thought the ground was moving. Then I noticed that the gnat-sized flies were in swarms. When I would walk up to them they would swarm away. Each tiny fly creating a minute amount of sound but then amplified with the thousands accompanying. Here is just a sample of a few of them. This picture just does not display the creepy waving motion that they made when they fled from under my feet.


I really enjoyed watching the seagulls flying back and forth as I took several pictures of them in flight. It amazes me how graceful they look when they are flying. Then how coordinated they must be to fly so close to the water that they occasionally just lightly tap the surface with the tips of their wings.


I drove on up the freeway and found a good place to get another oil change and check up. Those guys were great. They took me in right away and got me all fixed up.

Thanks guys.

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