Wyoming (Grand Tetons)

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Starting on August 16, 2002, 12:43:34 PM

Not as much to see in the Grand Teton Park but definitely lots to do. I only wished I had more time to spend here. What a wonderful area to go hiking, this must be.

The only thing I can think of to say is, "Wow". I felt like taking a picture every time I looked off to the right. Each mountain and peak seemed to change and transform as we rode on, giving a different perspective.

Zooming into the peaks and trying to get a wide angle shot just does not provide what I could actually see. I only wish for those of you who have never seen this wondrous sight, do, some day, get to experience this enchanting place. I wanted to stay longer.


Unfortunately I must be going on as did my friends. Shortly after Jackson, WY and the Grand Teton park we had to part ways and say our goodbyes. I had a great time and must say that Al and Catherine made my trip through Yellowstone a wonderful time to remember. Goodbye my friends, have a safe trip, and I hope to see you when I get to Texas.


Now, all alone again, I can travel at my own pace and not have to wait for anybody else and nobody has to wait for me. I don't have to listen to them complain about silly little things and they don't have to hear me complain about stupid things. I can eat and sleep when and where I want. I can now have the whole lane to myself.


But no matter what I still do miss my friends very much, and wish they were still with me, and now the highway seems empty so much longer than it did yesterday.

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