Utah (Bryce Canyon) 

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Starting on Thursday, October 17, 2002, 9:31:56 AM

Just past the Grand Canyon, highway 89 heads north to Page, AZ and the border and the Lake Powell Dam. The view from the dam is quite impressive. 

Just past the dam, from the highway I could see impressive rock formations in the lake.

The landscape was quite impressive with the red bluffs and plateaus. Some of the rocks really looked as if they were painted. But a very sloppy job from my opinion. 


I stayed on highway 89 from Page and up to highway 12 that runs east up to the entrance to the Bryce Canyon National Park. I took the one highway, 93, that runs south into the park. Just before you enter the park there's some amazing rock formations. I thought at first that I was at the Bryce Canyon park until I got a little further down the road and to the main entrance.  

Wow, was I ever impressed with what I saw then. although it was not near as vast and large as the Grand Canyon this place, to me, was much more impressive. It seemed almost impossible to me that the landscape could have formed this way.

With holes in the rocks and little caves and all the little peaks and cones it just looked like it really didn't belong on this planet. There were hiking trails all throughout this place that I wanted to go on and explore. Unfortunately I was still somewhat tethered to the bike and all my gear. Also something in my head kept telling me to continue on. Time is now becoming an issue in my trip. With another month half over I was beginning to feel the crunch of my financial situation. Rent will be coming up again very soon and I still had so very far to go before the end of my trip.

Seeing this sign brought back happy memories of the TV show, Happy Days. I do believe that was the name of the place where they all went to park and, uhm......... watch the submarine races. 


Stone Warriors

Like thousands of centurion guards, frozen in time, these pillars stand. For what has seemed like an eternity they still await all neatly in their rows. Thousands of soldiers waiting for the moment that they will be summoned from their deep slumber and asked to fight again. Gladly and honorably they will defend, protect and attack, for that is what they were brought forth by the gods to do. That was their purpose. Unfortunately their time has long since passed. Their time was already needed but nobody remained to call out for them. The Indian tribes of North America had long since forgotten the sacred words to revive the mighty stone warriors. The words from a thousand generations had vanished and have been lost in time, like tears in the rain. 

But a ray of hope glimmers in the distance, across the horizon. Through a long long strain of descendants a child is born. The strand of DNA that he carries holds the key to unlock the mystery of the stone warriors. The words that have disappeared over the ages have finally emerged once again. From deep inside a lucid dream the words have come all the way from his ancestors. They have traveled through all this time and been handed to him and him alone.

 To be in charge of such an incredible power is a great responsibility. Will he know when to use them? Will he be able to control them? Can he be trusted with this knowledge? 

All these questions will be answered in time. And how do I know all of this? For it is I, Danny Galixy, that holds the key. I alone know the words to awaken the great warriors. I am the only one that has the power.

So don't PISS me off!!

Sorry, I got a little carried away there. hee hee

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