Utah (Hwy 12) 

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Starting on Thursday, October 17, 2002, 2:37:16 PM

Okay, so I apologize for the last page and my rambling. I sometimes get a little carried away when I write.

The ride on from Bryce Canyon was quite nice. The desert terrain was so majestic. Once out of the park I took highway 12 east and to Tropic, UT where you can actually look back up to the canyon. Then the highway turns on up north towards Torrey. Some amazing curves and scenery along this highway. I would highly recommend any motorcyclists to take this highway.  

Winding up and down around the bluffs and canyons and hills the road takes you on an amazing journey through this desert land.

At one point it takes you up on top of, and along a ridge where you can look off either side of the highway into the deep canyons below.

Then the road took me up into a mountain where it suddenly got very cold. I didn't realize I had gotten that high up until I stopped at a few lookouts and could see the valleys below. I came around a corner and saw patches of snow here and there along the sides of the road.

The fall colors were quite beautiful from up here. These yellow trees here were dropping their leaves all over making for a very pleasant atmosphere. 

From the top of the mountain I took a break and looked out across the desert, wondering what lay ahead of me. Will I be in the desert, in the heat, or would I find myself in another mountain, enduring more cold temperatures. At this point I was trying to avoid concentrating on any maps as I was just letting the road take me where it may.

Then I came down the hill and into the small town of Torrey. I didn't spend very much time there but I did stop to get gas and paused for a moment. I looked out and up to the mountains that I had just came from. I could see the snow on top. I looked around me and struck up a conversation with a very nice gentleman. He said that he was a painter, an artist.

I looked around and fell in love with this place. Definitely a place to consider if you want to get away from everything for a while. A peaceful place to be able to relax and focus on artistic and creative endeavors. I could surely see how an artist would love this place. I might have to keep this place in my thoughts for future reference.

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