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  Title Audio File Lyrics
1 What We Want To Be  not available not available
2 Let Me Breathe WMA HTM
3 Seize Your Day WMA HTM
4 Take Me Home WMA HTM
5 Lost WMA HTM
6 A Big Blue Sky not available HTM
7 Is It Any Wonder? not available not available
8 It's A Long Way To Heaven not available not available
9 Judas not available not available
10 The Ernestine Lamb not available not available
11 All These Chains That Bind not available not available
12 I See not available not available
13 What I Know WMA HTM
14 Why Do We Pray? not available not available

First of all, I'd like to emphasize that most of the songs on this page, and actually on this site, are still unfinished works, and most of them are strictly samples and are all in various forms of construction. For this project itself, many of these pieces were thrown together to present to the actual group as samples only, and to be used for individuals to work on and learn their parts. But after my serious accident, I decided to just go ahead and share everything with everybody. 
    You just never know when somebody is going to pull out in front of you and stop everything you are, in the blink of an eye.

    In 2001 I became involved with a community church and quickly became an integral part of the praise and worship team as a singer and a musician. Though I was enjoying our weekly performances I was starting to feel the urge to want to help spread my so-called gifts to a much wider audience, in a means that I felt I was best suited for. Or so I thought at the time.
    But again, just like every other idea, it takes time to write and record, and time kept getting in the way. Then, for me, it also takes a bit of solitude and isolation to create. Well, I wasn't writing while I was focusing on the music that we were playing every weekend and every service. I was able to write a few pieces for specific messages at the Ni River Community Church. But in 2004 I moved from Virginia to Arizona, and I immediately got involved with a church in Tucson. The Community Church of the Foothills became my weekly release of performing. Initially not wanting to get too involved, so I could focus on my writing, quickly changed and I found myself again, getting involved with way too much, and devoting too much of my time and energy. At the time there were actually a few too many problems with the church and I was trying to push and make a difference, to improve and give something that would make the congregation want to come. But after running into too many hurdles with the organization and pastor, I decided to take a break and focus on "The Galilean Project", where I would be writing and recording a lot of my own material. With interest from several other members of the praise and worship band, I had quickly gathered a team of 12 people that would be able to help me put all this together. But I ran into some other hurdles that I hadn't expected. Now keep in mind, I was only a volunteer at the church.
    Now I don't mean to talk badly towards anybody in particular, or any church or organization. But I have had my disgust in organized religions and their lack of accountability. I won't go into too much detail. But basically, they know that their "Boss" isn't really going to come down here to reprimand them, so they do what they will.
    So when I approached them about my decision to take a break from playing every weekend, they took my temporary leave as a personal  attack on the church, and my use of the volunteers for my project as a recruitment of allies in some projected war against the church. All of which was just ridiculous drama, denial and paranoia. Apparently, with me taking a break, it would inevitably spawn a whole lot of questions as to "why?", by a congregation that had already grown more and more suspicious and disappointed with the direction of the church.

    Well, all of those problems were there long before I ever got involved with the church, so I just cut myself away from them altogether.
    But what that all boiled down to was a total change in my direction of this particular project. And my faith in organized religion had taken a huge hit, and not for the better. So then, after a great deal of thinking and deliberation, my faith in religion and in God altogether took an even more dramatic turn.
    I felt like I had been wasting all my time in those endeavors. And now the songs that I was trying to write all took a more questionable and negative spin to them. 
    My beliefs are pretty solid now, and I'm not going to go into detail with them here, and I will not allow myself to be involved in any more arguments or discussions of speculation about them.

    But now I'm not quite sure what to do with this project, it's overall direction, and the existing songs that had already been written.
    I am thinking that I may just re-direct and organize it all into the progression of it's own epic and downhill tumble, and then back to it's inevitable resurrection, and try to present some sort of message within my dissolution and rebirth with God and church. I'm still not quite sure. But here is what I had put together so far, and some of the more questioning songs, to the more pessimistic and destructive pathways of belief, or lack thereof, and possibly to a more positive and uplifting conclusion.

    "What We Want To Be" was a song that was written for a specific message at the Ni River Community Church. It seemed to get pretty good attention and feedback so I decided to put it into the mix of this project.
    "Seize Your Day" was another project for Ni River. Except it was for a video series that I was putting together. The series never got completed and was cut short. But the music I had planned to use for each video of the series was still in my computer. So I threw together what I had, and tossed around all the tracks of what was originally only two minutes worth, and extended them into this sample. I do have intentions of rearranging them a little bit later.
    I wrote "Let Me Breathe" while I was on a short break from the Community Church of the Foothills, in Tucson. This song proved to me that I just needed to be able to clear my head before I could write. It seemed to fit a particular message, and the music director didn't have any other songs picked out, so I played it solo for that service. It got an overwhelming response that confirmed and solidified my thoughts on taking a break, and focus on writing. But it's also where everything began to go sour with the church and fueled their attempts to redirect blame and attention from their own misdirection and mistakes. Again, too much drama, and more reasons to stay away from that organization. There's just no accountability with some of those groups. 
     So I tried to focus on writing something more positive and I came up with "Take Me Home". Although it didn't get too much attention when presented to a few churches and their programming staff. I think it may have been a bit too sappy.
    But while my spiritual direction was really being pulled against, I couldn't help but come up with "Lost", which is my favorite out of all of these, so far.
    "A Big Blue Sky" was thrown into the mix. Being originally from the project, "It's Sound In Here", I figured, with it's questioning lyrics, it should fit in here as well.
    More details will be posted as I am able to add more samples of some of these songs. Check back in a while.

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