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  Title Audio File Lyrics
1 For You And I WMA HTM
2 Flowers Don't Grow WMA HTM
3 And I Dream WMA HTM
4 Don't Treat Me Bad not available HTM
5 Don't Lie to Me not available HTM
6 Jenny Don't Cry not available HTM
7 I'm Not Alive not available HTM
8 Numerous Fragments not available HTM
9 Pennies Don't Grow in Heaven not available HTM
10 Instant Replay not available HTM
11 The Spirit Dies not available HTM
12 With This Ring not available HTM

    This is not really a CD project, but more just a compilation of a bunch of stuff that I'm still working on and trying to decide where to put it all, and what to do with it. I really don't like the idea of sharing work that is not yet complete. But I also have a fear that my time here could come to an end at any time, and all my passions and art and creations would just be lost in time. So I feel that I have to share what I have now, and work on completing them all when the time becomes available.

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