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Thank you so much to my friends Chad and Naomi Wilson of Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Starting on Wednesday, November 06, 2002, 5:41:42 AM

Back on the mainland I stop in Miami for a few hours to do a few things on the web and get some rest before I head up to Indian Harbour Beach. I catch this shot of the sunrise while I'm sitting in stop-and-go, rush-hour traffic.

Later down the freeway I stopped at a rest area. I came back out and this young honey bee was having a ball on my helmet. I'm not sure what it was up to but I let it crawl onto my finger so I could get this picture. 

I made it to my friend's house where I enjoyed visiting with them. Chad's really been getting into surfing since he moved down there and has almost got me convinced that I need to move down there to do the same.

I pulled out one of my little toys that I save for kids and gave it to their current kid, Sherwood, who fell in love with her new little stuffed lion.

A special congratulations to Chad and Naomi who are now expecting and within nine months will have a human kid of their own. What a lucky kid that is going to be because they are such very special people.

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