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I know a lot of people were anxious to see the remaining pages from my trip. I apologize that it took so long to finish them up and I will have to also apologize for the fact that I really didn't get that many more images through the remaining portion of my trip. It was in the evening as I crossed from Florida to the southern tip of Georgia. 

I rode on into the night up interstate 95, and that's when I learned that the southern portion of Georgia is actually quite small because it didn't take me hardly any time before I reached the border of South Carolina. 

I stopped at a gas station to fuel up, take a break, and since it was getting pretty cold, I wanted to hang out in a warm environment for a while. I was noticing very quickly that the further north I got, the colder it was getting. Of course that also was amplified by the fact that it was quite late in the evening and heading into early the next morning.

I was a little hungry so I grabbed some snacks and started a conversation with some of the guys inside the station. Actually they all started talking to me first as they were admiring all the gear on my bike. A couple of guys were talking to me and told me that they had passed me a few times on the freeway. A local police officer stopped in and talked a bit. That's when I learned that I was only a few minutes from the border. So after a few snacks and getting warmed up I drove on into South Carolina.

Again, as I state before, since it was dark and I didn't spend enough time in Georgia, I didn't get any pictures at all.


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