South Carolina

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Here I didn't get very many pictures of South Carolina. As it was still dark I rode on until I reached interstate 26 and followed it up to Columbia, SC. 

I found a Kinko's in Columbia so I stopped to get some rest and warm up. I stayed there for several hours taking care of emails and updating my web site a little bit. I really didn't focus very much since I was getting quite tired and I think I nodded off a few times. Sometimes a brief nap or two is all I need and I feel wide awake again. I often dream and when I do sometimes the dreams seem very long. When I awake I feel like I have been asleep for a long time and sometimes think that I am rested. The sun had come up and the store was getting a little busy. There seemed to be quite a few young people in there there and when I made my way outside I noticed that I must have been very close to a college campus. There were lots of young people all around walking to class.

I gathered all my things and took off. I went around the corner and was passing a large stadium when I looked in the parking lot and saw a really weird sight. There was an old Volkswagen van, all painted up with bright colored flowers, surrounded with a bunch of people dressed like hippies. I thought to myself that it must have been some skit that they were practicing. I almost turned around to ask somebody and take some pictures but I just laughed and drove on.

Now I did see some of the state while I was going through but I guess I was really focused on getting to my friend's house in North Carolina so I just rode on and only got a few shots while riding. It really didn't seem to take very long until I was crossing the border into North Carolina and into Charlotte. I wasn't aware that Charlotte was that close to the state line and then knew I wasn't very far from my friend's house in Salisbury, less than an hour drive north of Charlotte. 


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