North Carolina

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A very special thank you to my dear friends Rocky Haddock and Frances Graczyk.

While having dinner with my friends here I get this fortune cookie with an interesting message.

I suddenly felt much better. Although I still wasn't home and had a few more miles ahead of me I felt very comfortable there with my friends and always feel like I am at home there.

I gave the bike a good rest and took a nice long walk in the woods behind their house.

They have a little creek that runs through the woods where I explored and got some pictures of all the falling leaves.

Uh, excuse me, "fallen leaves".

I did feel quite fortunate that I had actually made it back before all the leaves had completely changed and fell off the trees.

The colors were so very bright and I was somewhat disappointed that the camera could not capture them all the way I was seeing them. I'm not sure how well all the other digital cameras perform but this one just doesn't quite capture all the extremely bright colors.

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